Tips for Operating Sliding Wardrobes Correctly


Sliding wardrobes have become a darling for interior designers and enthusiasts alike. Notably, the doors of a sliding-door wardrobe move along a track instead of swinging open. Besides their elegance, sliding door wardrobes are visually appealing and ideal for small bedrooms. Unfortunately, despite their ease of operation, many people end up damaging their sliding door wardrobes prematurely due to poor operation. This article highlights tips for correctly operating a sliding door wardrobe to ensure durability. Read on for insight.

Use Gentle Pushes and Pulls — New sliding wardrobes have clean tracks, and the doors glide smoothly from one end to the other. However, it is relatively common for people to excessively pull and push the sliding doors. Sadly, it only accelerates the deterioration of a wardrobe's hardware, causing the doors to malfunction prematurely. Sliding wardrobes are designed such that they only need a slight nudge to open or close as long as the tracks are clean and rollers well lubricated. Even if the sliding doors feel sticky, never put your weight against them. Instead, the right thing to do is stop and inspect the tracks and rollers for debris.

Do Not Step on the Tracks — Some sliding wardrobes incorporate a walk-in closet, allowing you to enter and pick whatever you want. The main advantage of the design is that you do not have to open a wardrobe's sliding door all the way to access personal effects. However, you should avoid stepping on a wardrobe's track at all costs. Obviously, you will unintentionally step on the tracks at times, but keep it to a bare minimum. Repeatedly stepping on the tracks deforms them and prevents a smooth back and forth movement. Therefore, start by consciously stepping over the tracks, and you will learn to do it subconsciously over time.

Use Both Doors Equally — Most sliding wardrobes have single or double doors. Notably, double-door sliding wardrobes have a lot of space and allow you to access the insides from both ends. However, most people tend to use a single sliding door because it is easy and convenient depending on furniture layout and placement. Unfortunately, accessing your wardrobe through one sliding door all the time leads to uneven wear and unnecessary repairs. Although you can still use the other sliding door when one malfunctions, do not let it get to that point. Therefore, use both sliding doors equally so that the hardware on each side lasts long.  

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8 March 2022

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