3 Reasons a Lift Chair Is an Investment Worth Your Money


If you or anyone in your family is experiencing limited mobility or recovering from injuries, a physician may recommend that you get a lift chair. This is because you will find it difficult to handle the tasks you thought were easy, like standing or sitting on a standard chair. Some conditions like arthritis, which the elderly face as they grow older, make sitting or standing nearly impossible. 

The good news is that you can rely on a lift chair to sit or stand more comfortably. This chair usually resembles a recliner and is designed to keep you mobile and be more independent regardless of your health condition. With this chair, you will not rely on your family for help whenever you want to sit or stand. See why it's advisable to invest in a quality lift chair.

It Promotes Independence

Every person who has mobility problems desires to be independent. You don't want to bother your loved ones every time you want to sit or when you want to stand. Actually, seeking help from your relatives might be both a physical and emotional strain. When you have a lift chair, you won't need to have a helper all day. You just use the buttons to change the chair's position. 

So, whether you require help to stand, take a nap, read a book, or watch television, a lift chair will get you in the right position. Other than helping you regain your independence, the chair also helps you minimise hopelessness and anxiety.

It Helps Reduce Edema

Edema is a common health condition amongst the elderly. Usually, different body parts strain to function optimally, which can easily cause the legs to swell. When you develop edema, you struggle to stand or walk, and the condition could also cause itching or increase the chances of having ulcers or sleeping problems. 

Luckily, you can use a lift chair to raise the legs. This doesn't just help improve circulation, but it also reduces edema and makes your life more enjoyable and manageable. Some lift chairs even have massage features that help deal with pain linked with tight muscles and enhance blood circulation.

It Minimises Orthostatic Hypotension

Orthostatic hypertension is a condition that affects many seniors today. It occurs when someone stands up quickly from a sitting or even lying position, making them feel dizzy or somehow lightheaded. If you have been experiencing this health problem, getting a lift chair could be a reliable solution for you. With a lift chair, you can slowly rise from a seated or lying position, which gives the blood pressure time to stabilise. This way, you may not feel dizzy or fall when standing.

Whether you want to enhance mobility, increase circulation, sleep better, or reduce the risk of conditions like edema and orthostatic hypotension, investing in a lift chair is a brilliant idea. The chair will make your life more manageable and improve your health, making the investment worthwhile.


22 January 2021

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While I was still married my house was a mish mash of both of our tastes in furnishing. Now that we have seperated I am finally getting a chance to decorate my house the way I wanted it. I have a couch that is truly comfortable and looks good, rather than the smelly old couch that used to live in our lounge room. It's so much more relaxing to walk into my house and enjoy looking around. I'm reading furniture catelogues like I used to read novels and researching like crazy. Join me on my redecorating adventure by reading along!