4 Reasons to Buy Two Single Adjustable Beds Instead of One Double


When you need or want to use an adjustable bed and sleep with your partner, you'll often start looking for a double adjustable bed. However, you might want to look for two single adjustable beds that can be pushed together to make one. It's more expensive, but there are several reasons why you should.

Here are just four reasons why two single adjustable beds are better than one double.

1. No Need to Disturb Your Partner's Sleep

If you need an adjustable bed, you probably suffer from mobility issues or need to have part of your body elevated as you sleep. Problem is, you'll disturb your partner when you make any adjustments if you're also adjusting their sleeping surface. Additionally, having two separate sleeping areas means you won't disturb each other when you move around. Since sleeping areas are separate, you won't feel yourself jolted awake when your partner gets up to use the bathroom, and vice versa.

2. No Compromises on Sleeping Position

The great thing about having an adjustable bed is being able to adjust it around your personal needs and wants; when you get it perfect, you'll have a fantastic night of sleep. Unfortunately, what's perfect for you might not be so perfect for your partner; you might like to keep your upper body elevated to prevent acid reflux or help with sleep apnoea, but your partner might find it impossible to drop off under such an arrangement. With two adjustable beds, you both get to keep things as you like them.

3. Pick Up Your Perfect Mattress

You've probably gotten used to compromises if you've been sharing a bed with someone for some time. When you choose to put two single adjustable beds together, you get full control over everything, including the mattress. You can choose anything from coil-sprung to latex to memory foam, then decide exactly how hard you want it. This is an even more important concern when you're buying an adjustable bed; if you need one, you probably don't sleep as easily as you once did, so it's worth making sure everything feels perfect.

4. Make In-Home Care Easier

Finally, keep in mind how much easier it will be to get in-home care if you have two single adjustable beds. It's not nice to think about, but if you have a serious problem that demands an adjustable bed or are simply getting on in years, the prospect of in-home care is worth considering. Two single beds can be separated as required so medical professionals can reach you from all sides and place anything you need right next to you.


4 October 2018

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