Arranging Furniture Transport Services For Antique Furniture


Whether you are moving home or you need to send antique furniture across the country, consider different furniture transport services to ensure that your furniture is carefully loaded and unloaded and packed carefully for the journey ahead. There are many interstate removal services that can assist you with moving fragile pieces of antique furniture, but there are a number of qualities you should look for before making a decision. 

Adequate Insurance

It is one thing for a company to say that they will provide furniture transport services that will ensure the safe arrival of your furniture but quite another to deliver on that promise. Things can and do go wrong that could be outside of a company's control. The most important thing is that a company offering furniture transport services can provide you with the reassurance that they are covered should your furniture be damaged or lost in transit. Before you sign on the dotted line with any company, make sure they have adequate insurance in place. Most interstate removal services will have public liability insurance in place that provides millions of dollars worth of cover. Ask to see supporting documents such as valid certificates. 

Years Of Experience

Anybody can move a sofa, but when that sofa is over a hundred years old, it requires the experience and expertise of a furniture transport team that knows how to handle antique furnishings. All furniture should be assessed individually and a plan put in place to move items safely. This might involve wrapping the furniture or removing parts to transport them individually. On the removal truck, furniture should be securely loaded so that it does not move during transit. This might involve the use of straps and blankets to offer further protection. 

Testimonials From Satisfied Customers

When using a furniture transport services company for the first time, it can be difficult to decide which company to choose. Testimonials and customer reviews make that decision easier, and any company proud of its reputation will only be too happy to supply you with recent testimonials. It would be especially helpful if they have testimonials from customers who have also needed to arrange interstate removal services for antique or other valuable furniture. Seeing the experiences of previous satisfied customers can give you peace of mind when you need to transport your own cherished antique furniture hundreds or thousands of miles across the country to a new location.


24 July 2018

Redecorating my house at last

While I was still married my house was a mish mash of both of our tastes in furnishing. Now that we have seperated I am finally getting a chance to decorate my house the way I wanted it. I have a couch that is truly comfortable and looks good, rather than the smelly old couch that used to live in our lounge room. It's so much more relaxing to walk into my house and enjoy looking around. I'm reading furniture catelogues like I used to read novels and researching like crazy. Join me on my redecorating adventure by reading along!