Reclaimed and Recycled Building Materials You Can Use for Your Home


When shopping for building materials for a home renovation or remolding project, it's good to think about reclaimed or recycled materials. This will keep those materials out of landfills and also cut down on the disturbance caused to the ecosystem when harvesting virgin materials. You may not realize the number of reclaimed and recycled building materials you can use for your home, both inside and out, so note a few of those here and then discuss these options with a contractor.

1. Steel

Steel is very easy to recycle as it typically holds its strength for its entire lifespan and doesn't wear out or become chipped, warped, and otherwise aged. Recycled steel can be used for a home frame rather than wood, and offers the benefits of being resistant to mold and mildew growth and termite infestation.

2. Paper

Recycled paper can be pressed and then have an epoxy or resin added to make it solid. If a dye is added and the surface buffed, this paper can be used as a countertop. Some paper might also be pressed and dried and then have an epoxy or resin added so that it resembles wood, and is cut into planks like wood. This material can be used for flooring. Paper with a resin added can also be used in certain insulation products, rather than fiberglass.

3. Concrete

Concrete is very easy to recycle as you can add chunks of old concrete into a new batch and mix it in somewhat easily. Poured concrete can be used as floors, as the frame of a home, and as countertops. It can be buffed to be smooth and look like glass or stamped and painted to resemble a wide variety of other materials.

4. Cork

Cork is easy to recycle as it also holds its shape and strength over time. Recycled cork can be used for floorboards where its spongy texture allows it to easily shift and move slightly, as your house shifts and moves. This keeps it from cracking or splintering over time.

5. Paint

Paint is also somewhat easy to recycle as the same types of paint can be mixed together and then have materials added to restore its viscosity and adhesion. Don't try to recycle paint on your own as it needs this added treatment to stick to the walls after it's been sitting in a bucket for months. There are many companies that offer recycled paint in a wide variety of shades or custom colors, and these include interior and exterior paints that you can use on virtually any type of surface.


11 May 2016

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