Great Ideas For Your Outdoor Teak Furniture


Teak furniture is renowned for its outdoor resilience even with neglectful maintenance. As such, it should be your first choice when adorning your outdoor spaces. Though expensive, teak has excellent value for its money. It also offers great functionality in outdoor areas where other timber types would shrivel under tough weather conditions. Here are some great furniture choices for your teak outdoor furniture.

Pool-side furniture

Teak is great for pool-side applications, not only due to the weather, but also because of the exposure to water. Pool-side teak furniture features spaced slats that let water drain easily to avoid pooling even after you have been inside the water. Some of the pool-side teak choices you can add to your home include chaise lounges, seats, beverage stands as well as teak umbrella shades to shield you from the sun.

Patio furniture

Having teak outdoor furniture in your patio means never having to worry about rain or snow damaging your setup. The furniture on your patio stays undisturbed and undamaged 24/7. If you have a family, a teak dining set is a must have on a patio. This will let you enjoy meals in the outdoors whenever you please. For added comfort, go for sofa teak instead. The padded seating is ideal for long seating when relaxing or entertaining friends. Another patio addition that you should consider is a coffee table. If you have a bar on your patio, get teak bar stools and tables as well.

Garden furniture

If you have a beautifully manicured garden, teak furniture can let you spend longer hours in your lush lawn. For garden seating, deep seating chairs are ideal for utmost comfort. You can also go with benches and top them up with waterproof cushions. Folding chairs are also great in case you do not have too much space to spare in your garden. These can be folded once you're done to avoid cramming the space.

Front and back porch furniture

Of course, you cannot forget about your porch. This applies to almost every home regardless of whether you have a pool, garden or patio.  For your porch, keep the furniture to a minimal with either a teak bench or a set of deep seats and a few stools. You can also throw in a rocking chair if you want to keep it traditional.

Teak outdoor furniture can also be used in gazebos and pergolas where your structures are exposed to the harsh rays of the sun, humidity and rain. For more information, contact a business such as The Teak Place.


23 March 2015

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While I was still married my house was a mish mash of both of our tastes in furnishing. Now that we have seperated I am finally getting a chance to decorate my house the way I wanted it. I have a couch that is truly comfortable and looks good, rather than the smelly old couch that used to live in our lounge room. It's so much more relaxing to walk into my house and enjoy looking around. I'm reading furniture catelogues like I used to read novels and researching like crazy. Join me on my redecorating adventure by reading along!